Retrospective – What is a Retrospective?

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Retrospective – 40 500 Monthly Searches


Explanation of what is an Agile Retrospective
* Come up with Ideas about what is an Agile Retrospective

* Ben Linders
* Fun Retrospectives
* Esther Derby
* Diana
* Rachel Davies
* Patrick Kua
* Mark Loeffler
* Ben Williams
* Tom Roden

* What kind of information could we use to create an Infographic?

List of great Resources for Agile Retrospectives:
* List good sites where people can take a look into retrospectives
* Grab some good sites to make sure people will link it back to you
* Insert the 100 Top Agile Retrospectives Exercises from OIKOSOFY

To Not Forget to do:

* Look for Agile Retrospectives in Google and list the first 30-40 First Results
* For each result find out 30-40 People that are linking to them
* Email around 200 People to get links to that page and make the page to go on the top